iFi audio Accessories

Two heads are better than one.

The Gemini3.0 dual-headed cable is for those discerning users who prefer their music as interference free as possible. It separates the signal and power cables to minimise interference from RFI and EMI while having superior conductivity for maximum signal transfer.

Minimum interference, maximum signal transfer.

The Mercury3.0 means minimum interference, maximum signal transfer. It separates the signal and power cables to minimise interference from RFI and EMI. Plus it’s 3.0 pedigree and superior conductivity mean data transfer is faster than ever.

Funky. Functional.

Our display unit is funky and functional. With its non-magnetic stainless-steel pillars and micro-vibration control, the iRack cuts down vibration to produce an even smoother musical experience for your choice of iFi micro and nano units.

Cool look. Clean music.

The modular Pro iRack grows with your Pro stack! Whether you have one of our flagship Pro series or all three, the Pro iRack stores them in style. And with its micro-vibration control eliminating reverb and tremor, your music never sounded crisper or cleaner.

iFi audio Groundhog+
No more humdrum

The Groundhog+ adds a missing earth/ground and cuts hum and buzz dead. It comes with several adapters to cover every device on the market, no matter what its age. Plus, due to popular demand, we’ve added an extra cable so it now works with our very own AC iPurifier.

On-the-go cables

OTG cables for Android the audiophile way. Optimised by iFi our OTG cables provide an ultra-clear and secure connection between your Android device and your DAC.

The perfect companion.

Connect the Ear Buddy between your headphones and your audio device to cut background noise and improve sound quality. The simple and easy way to rediscover quality music at its max.

iFi audio Ear Plugs
Premium Ear Plugs. A Perfect Night’s Sleep.

The iFi Ear Plugs are simply that, earplugs. Pure 100% memory foam. With an incredible 37dBs of noise reduction and our unique form fitting design that moulds to the shape of your ear, you will wake up refreshed and ready to rock.