A perfect match: iPhone 6 Plus & micro iDSD

A match made in portable audio heaven.

Here are a few pictures taken of the recently launched iPhone 6 Plus with the micro iDSD.





If you are at the upcoming HiFi News Show on November 1-2, you will be able to see this gorgeous pair in action at the iFi headphone booth which is located in the lobby of the Sandringham building.

At the recent RMAF we were even asked by a customer whether or not we knew about the dimensions of the iPhone 6 Plus in advance because the iPhone 6 Plus & micro iDSD were such a perfect fit!

On a side note, we have also attached a screenshot of another new audio playback software program called Kaisser Tone. It plays PCM and up to DSD128 (same as Onkyo HF Player). We are still testing this software. More updates soon! It looks great on the iPhone 6!


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