Daily Archives: January 16, 2018

It is packed with a lot of features in a small case!

What is Stereo Mecmuasi talking about? The Micro BL of course! “…it achieves impressive work in this price class. Micro BL is a very successful device.” http://stereomecmuasi.com/2017/08/ifi-micro-idsd-black-label.html Translated with Google Thank you Stereo Mecmuasi and...
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Nano iOne – richly equipped!

“We liked! Unbeatable in its segment, both from a musical and functional point of view.” http://blog.son-video.com/2017/08/test-ifi-audio-nano-ione/comment-page-1/ Translated with Google Many thanks Son-Video.com, Tristan Jacquel and iFi France (Elite Diffusion for this wicked review...
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Micro BL has a lot of interesting features!

“The biggest thing about this micro BL is that it has tons of features which for its size, is impressive. Excellent amp that is capable of powering pretty much anything I have thrown at it.”...
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