Daily Archives: January 9, 2018

iOne – Qobuzism for this first-class sounding DAC!

“There are many ways to use a DAC: through a USB, S/PDIF, or Bluetooth connection—preferably aptX to get near CD-quality— or via Ethernet with a network player, or even through some less common connections. The...
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Pro iESL will drive almost any electrostatic headphones!

“…so much extra beauty breathed in the Pro iESL. Thanks to the Pro iESL, you can now enjoy equally superb sound quality through electrostatic headphones.” Many thanks HiFi Philosophy and iFi Poland (Moje Audio) for...
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nano iDSD LE – A tiny device that still offers extensive features!

“iFi offers no simple economy version but focuses on what makes the nano series devices a great sound and a low price.” https://www.hifitest.de/test/da-wandler/ifi-nano_idsd_le_14127 Translated with Google Thank you hifitest.de and iFi Germany (WOD Audio) for...
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