Daily Archives: January 4, 2018

micro iDSD BL: The pinnacle of DAC and Amp technology

“The next standard in portable DACs and amplifiers. The BL looks like an instrument from a future engineering laboratory, fitting well in with the industrial design work but able to pass fairly well for a...
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micro iDSD Black Label – Seeking the myth!

“The iDSD BL delivers a thick, sweet, candy sound. It renders liquid smooth and is profoundly resolving. The BL excels at depth and layering….It sounds damn good. Dynamics for days. Punch, sparkle and clarity. The...
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iFi audio nano iDSD Black Label

Pros: * Size * Value * Sound quality “iFi really did a great job with the nano iDSD Black Label. One thing that has become clear is that iFi is capable of cramming quite a...
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