Monthly Archives: September 2016

Clive of Enjoy the Music reviews the iUSB3.0 micro!

“The iFi Audio USB3.0 gave a richer and smoother sound with fine detail presented in a less forced manner. Bass with the iFi was mostly more powerful, there was also slightly better central focus.……If you...
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Peter123 of Head-Fi reviews the iDSD micro!

“The iFi Audio Micro iDSD is truly a remarkable device. It offers more settings and tuning availability and is more usable with a wide range of headphones and IEM’s than any other device of this...
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Turrican2 of Head-Fi reviews the iCan Pro!

“Immediately I felt at home. This has the familiar sound I am used to with the Micro iCan/iTube only much, much more so. Sound stage is a little fuller and it really drives the T1’s...
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