Monthly Archives: June 2016

iDSD micro used to review the Campfire Audio Andromeda!

Reviewer Twister6 in this review is evaluating the Campfire Audio Andromeda and uses several devices to listen with. With the iDSD micro introducing an IEMatch selection it would be a great result. “Micro iDSD (dac/amp)...
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Retro 50 featured in Haute Fidelité (French) magazine!

“Verdict: iFi Audio managed a great achievement, both for aesthetics as for the technical design. Rarely will a boombox played at this point the role of bridge between the hi-tech and vintage, with admirable relevance,...
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iPurifier 2: The in-betweeners. USB audio transmission.

The following article is written by John H. Darko of regarding why USB audio quality varies. Here are a few extracts from the piece. “Having already tested and written about the Schiit Wyrd, the...
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