In one word: impressive! Says Juan C. Muñoz about the iDSD Nano!


The iDSD nano receives 5 stars for all 5 categories – Construction, Design, Benefits, Quality sound, Quality / Price in Spain’s leading HiFi magazine!

” you’re in luck because the iFi IDSD Nano is one of those “gadgets” that can make the definition and tone of the music will improve substantially…..Surprising handling capacity all kinds of digital signals. Versatility and good sound. Quality ratio / price…..I am sure that anyone who saw the features of this DAC without physically seeing him think that is a model 1000 or 1300 euros, and is practically not know of any model in this price range that is able to work with PCM signals at 384 MHz and less with the huge variety of DSD and DXD signals that are trained iFi IDSD the Nano.”

Thanks Juan C. Muñoz and!