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Pro iCAN_logo-03 iFi is proud to present its flagship Professional ‘Pro’ series. The first product in the range is the Pro iCAN – a studio-grade headphone amplifier AND audiophile line-stage. Inside beats ‘two hearts’ as there is are two individual Solid-State and Tube amplification sections – selectable on the go. There is nothing quite like the Pro iCAN; literally.
Flagship, studio-grade headphone amplifier…
Pro iCAN LOGO-03 The Pro iCAN will for many, be used as a top-of-the-line, headphone amplifier that drives anything and everything – from CIEMs through to the most difficult to drive headphone ever made, the AKG K-1000. k1000
ProiCAN_Headphone Connections_en

Further, Gain is adjustable from 0dB/9dB/18dB. The Pro iCAN can output >10V in Single-Ended mode and 20V in Balanced-mode. The 20V mode is equivalent 100W into a 4 Ohm speaker. So the Pro iCAN can drive almost any headphone into very hard-clipping (protection circuitry typically kicks in under such circumstances).
…and audiophile line-stage.

The Pro iCAN has at the core, a Japan Alps motorised rotary volume potentiometer. This is the ‘6-Track’ version with 4 tracks used for a true balanced volume control. This is the litmus test for any amplifier to see if it is truly balanced, or operates internally in single-ended mode. Those using ‘2-Track’ volume controls may offer balanced in and out, but are not true balanced designs. The Pro iCAN however is fully-balanced from beginning to end.

Pro iCAN 03.125 In terms of flexibility, 3 single-ended and 1 balanced inputs and 1 balanced and 1 single-ended output, the Pro iCAN is a full-function audiophile line-stage that is at home in many expensive hi-fi systems. Its user-selectable Solid-State/Tube amplifiers remain and so are 3D Holographic˚ for Speakers and XBass˚ for ultra-fidelity home audio systems.
True Differential Balanced®

At the upper end of the headphone amplifier market, despite the best protestations of ‘balanced’ things are not always what they seem. This is a curious case of ‘Is balance balanced?’

For headphones, it DOES make good design sense to implement a balanced topology (the possibility of higher power, increase dynamic range and lower noise etc.) It goes without saying that the balanced design should be balanced all the way through, ‘end-to-end.’

1. The typical so-called ‘Balanced’ headphone amplifier

Input/Output: Balanced
Internal Circuitry: Single-Ended

The majority of ‘balanced’ high-ended headphone amplifiers are actually single-ended amplifiers with balanced inputs and outputs. The balanced input will be converted into single-ended operation inside the amplifier, then converted back to balanced just before the output:

The following block diagram depicts the balanced input through to the amplifier (orange) which afterwards, reverts to single-ended and runs through many single-ended stages before then going to the balanced outputs.

SingleEnded Circuit
In detail: The balanced input signal will first be converted into single-ended operation by extra circuitry added to the single-ended signal path. The volume control and actual headphone amplifier are formed by a pure, single-ended circuit.

To provide balanced drive to the headphone, the signal is inverted using more circuitry added to the single-ended audio path.

A sure fire giveaway of such circuitry is the use of a 2-Deck volume control (c.f. 4-Deck for true balanced circuitry), as well as having more than four gain/current buffer blocks among two channels.

At the input, the additional balanced to single-ended conversion circuit generates extra noise on top of the volume control pot.

At the output, the inverter circuit used to create the balanced signal simply doubles the signal, noise and distortion of the amplifier, nothing is reduced or cancelled, only added. So one gets double the signal but also double the noise and distortion.

Hence this is truly a case where MORE IS LESS. There is much more circuitry, but far lesser performance, both objectively and subjectively.

2. True Differential Balanced® – Pro iCAN

Input/Output: Balanced
Internal Circuitry: Balanced

The Pro iCAN however, is true balanced end-to-end, from the input all the way through to the outputs. It operates with full-differential internal signalling, meaning the signal is always remains two separate signals of equal level but opposite polarity. This is what we call True Differential Balanced®.

Balanced Circuit
In detail: The Pro iCAN circuit is fully-balanced with completely equal circuit sections for Positive (Hot) and Negative (Cold) signal phase of each channel. The Volume control has 6-Decks, two decks each control the volume of one channel, and the other two decks are used for monitoring the volume control operation. This exceptional volume control potentiometer is custom made for iFi by ALPS Japan and has no parallel from other makers.

But, as the two halves of the volume control and the two halves of the amplification operate differentially, they effectively become a single stage. So the circuitry is highly elaborate in actual implementation, yet it comes down to the simplest design possible for a headphone amplifier, that is a volume control, a gain stage and a current buffer*.

Compared to a single-ended design with exactly the same circuit, True Differential Balanced® lowers noise by 3dB and also lowers THD dramatically over the. Additionally, it allows the signal level to be doubled, so True Differential Balanced® circuitry also produces 9dB (or 3 times) greater dynamic range.

In professional audio, ‘Balanced Amplifier’ only means the Input/Output connections are balanced, the internal circuits are actually single-ended (if the internal circuit is also balanced, it will be called differential).

But in the Hi Fi world, most people view a ‘Balanced Amplifier’ as balanced all the way, from end-to-end, and incorrectly assume even the internal circuits are balanced.

ge_logo Tube/ Solid-State Real-time Switching

Compared to high-end headphone amplifiers, the tube stage of the Pro iCAN is different in two-ways. First, we don’t use good-quality 6922s or similar. Instead we use the very best; General Electric 5670 which is the premium variant with a different pinout.

Second and just as important is the circuit design. Unlike other headphone amplifiers that have the same circuit and just switch in/out the tube section, the Pro iCAN is the very first of its kind that has two individual input circuits – one tube and one Solid-State. This results in the best sonics of both worlds because the signal path is the shortest and there is no compromise to ‘shoe horn’ the tubes into an already existing solid-state circuit.

For the first time, one can enjoy both the sound of Solid-State and Tubes in a single package (rather than as an ‘Effect Type’ add-on within an otherwise conventional solid-state design) and be able to switch in real-time. For some recordings and headphones/loudspeakers, Solid-State may sound ‘more lively.’. For others, Tube and Tube+ (especially Tube+) will sound more ‘luxurious.’ Select the one that sounds best for that particular moment, be it the recording, the mood or even the weather. After all, enjoying music is an experience to be savoured and not a scientific research exercise.

We haven’t stopped there. We are tube lovers and we appreciate sometimes there is a need for even more tube-like sound, there are two tube settings – Tube and Tube+. The Tube+ position reduces overall loop-gain and thus negative feedback to the minimum. This gives a different trade-off between the tube’s natural harmonics and the transient performance. ProiCAN_tu4

Western Electric with their own premium version of 6922

First introduced by Western Electric in 1946 with the WE396A, from the 1950s onwards (and for the next 30 years thereafter) General Electric (and several other tube/valve manufacturers) followed Western Electric with their own premium version of 6922. This range had controlled warm-up and tight specifications on grid-current, noise and microphony. The result, significantly smoother and more organic sound qualities.

Class A Solid-State, J-FETs and Fully-Discrete
ProiCAN_tu5 The Solid-State amplification section of the Pro iCAN is just as seriously executed as the Tube amplification section.

The amplifer audio circuit is a development of iFi’s revolutionary ‘TubeState’ design. It is fully discrete, fully-balanced with either tube or J-FET input switchable, bipolar second stage and MOSFET-buffered bipolar class A Power stage (with Class AB for low impedance headphones at very high levels). The resulting circuit may be best described as ‘tri-brid’ where each device is used to greatest sonic advantage while minimising any drawbacks. Furthermore, the circuit is pure DC coupled to avoid using any sonically-degrading coupling capacitors.

  3D Holographic® not one but two circuits

There are two 3D Holographic SoundSystems:

For Headphones: (Headphone Outputs)
The 3D Holographic for Headphones is not based on a standard cross-feed system, as found in some High-End headphone amplifiers. Many so called ‘3D systems’ are usually DSP based that artificially effect the sound and add unwanted reverb in order to simulate a ‘spacious‘ type of sound.

It’s true that traditional cross-feed tends to produce an ‘out of head’ sound, but with much diminished spatial components and a narrower soundstage, sometimes almost approaching mono. Most DSP based 3D designs produce an unnatural, echo-like sound, which may initially be impressive, but soon becomes tiring.

By contrast, 3D Holographic for Headphones, provides not only ‘out of head’ placement of the sound sources, but renders the whole sound field in a manner that strongly parallels listening to loudspeakers in a normal room, all achieved without the added reverb. This is the first system in commercial production to achieve this.


30° Loudspeaker Angle

60° Loudspeaker Angle

90° Loudspeaker Angle

Pro iCAN LOGO-02 3D Holographic Sound for Headphones

As stereophonic recording and reproduction became widespread in the 1950’s, a glaring problem was noticed when replaying such recordings through headphones.

First formally described by Benjamin B. Bauer of CBS and previously Shure Brothers, in his 1960 patent filing for the US Patent # 3088997A as a “gross distortion in space perspective” and later gained the name “in-head localisation”. BB Bauer proposed a correction circuit, quite similar in nature in fact to the EMI Stereosonic Circuit originated by Blumlein, but with a near opposite transfer function.

  Like the Blumlein/EMI Stereosonic corrector, the Bauer/CBS corrector was eventually forgotten and never gained much traction. With the increase in headphone listening in the 1980’s due to portable stereo radio’s and the visionary Sony “Walkmen” Cassette player, the Bauer/CBS corrector was revived and became known generically as Crossfeed.

However, while traditional Bauer crossfeed and its various derivatives do substantially remedy the “in-head localisation” problem, the result is a sound stage that may be best described as “wide mono”, much of the natural spaciousness of recordings are lost.

So Bauer/CBS derived crossfeed is still a rare feature. More often than not gimmicky and sound degrading DSP algorithms are promoted as enhancement to headphone listening that only distort the original recording more, rather correct the fundamental problem.

At iFi we have been building on research that extends as far back as the late 1980’s at the RFZ in Berlin, which suggested that a very different Matrix to the Bauer/CBS one is required and that additional martix coefficients are required to present a natural and spacious soundfield, like that from a speaker based stereophonic playback system.

Starting with this foundation we have applied further research and large scale listening tests to derive a purely analogue matrix, that translates a spacious stereophonic recording with good imaging when replayed on speakers into its equivalent when listening to headphones. That is 3D Holographic Sound for headphones, not crossfeed, not crossfeed plus something, but a fundamentally new way to correcting recordings made for speakers to replay correctly on headphones.

For Loudspeakers: (Line Outputs)
The 3D Holographic for loudspeakers® is an analogue matrix circuit that has two distinct functions:

1. Corrects the fundamental spatial distortion in stereo recordings;
2. Increase the width of the apparent soundstage beyond the width dictated by the loudspeaker placement.


+ (Original recording width)

30°+ (Original Recording Plus 30 degrees)

60°+ (Original Recording Plus 60 degrees)

ProiCAN_tu6 3D Holographic Sound for Loudspeakers

The 3D Holographic circuit for loudspeakers corrects a distortion of the sound field caused by recording via microphones and playback via loudspeakers. This sound field distortion was first described by Alan Dower Blumlein (the Inventor of Stereophonic sound) and corrected by EMI in early ‘Stereosonic’ recordings.

However, the original Stereosonic circuit tended to result in a narrower soundstage than if recorded straight and often overcompensated distortion of the soundstage perspective. iFi’s 3D Holographic systems avoid this and instead, allow an expansion of the width of the sound stage. These modes can also be used to enhance the imaging of recordings that offer poor spatiality.

  ProiCAN_tu6Correction System
Pro iCAN LOGO-04 Different recordings and different headphones exhibit different frequency responses. XBass is an analogue signal processing (ASP) circuitry and it is sonically superior to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) systems. XBass is tailored to correct the bass deficiency in the headphone/loudspeaker and achieve the desired level. It is NOT a traditional tone or loudness control and provides a minimum of 12dB boost at 10/20/40Hz.
  Reference class parts quality
ProiCAN_tu7 The Pro iCAN employed TDK Japan-made C0G type capacitors and Vishay MELF type thin film resistors. These are complimented by Panasonic Japan-made ECPU Film Capacitors explicitly designed for audio use with extremely low distortion (<0.00001% @ 1V/10kHz).
SILMICCAPACITORS We employed ELNA Japan-made Silmic II capacitors for the power supplies. These use special silk fibre paper for the isolating barrier resulting in decreased odd-order distortion and reduced microphonics/mechanical resonances.
MELF_1 As one can see, the Pro iCAN despits its ‘desktop’ footprint is absolutely chocked full of premium components yet with a 4-layer pcb, has the ultimate topology in signal path layout/grounding.

There is just no more ‘real estate’ left to develop. It truly is deserving of the iFi flagship mantle.

  P10600 P10039

Gain: 0dB, 9dB and 18dB user-selectable
Frequency Response: 0.5Hz to 500kHz(-3dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD, Balanced/Single-Ended):
  Balanced SE
Solid-State: ≤0.0015% ≤0.005%
Tube: ≤0.002% ≤0.005%
Tube+: ≤0.012% ≤0.2%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR, Balanced/Single-Ended): >147dB(A) / > 137dB(A)
Output Power (16Ω, Balanced/Single-Ended): >14,000mW / >4,800mW
Output Voltage (600Ω, Balanced/Single-Ended): >23V / >11.5V
Input Voltage (Pro iCAN): DC 9V/6.7A – 18V/3.35A
Input Voltage (iPower Plus): AC 85 – 265V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: ≤ 22W idle, 50W max.
Dimensions: 213(l) x 192.5(w) x 63.3(h) mm
Weight: 1.93kg (4.3lbs)
Test conditions:
Gain = 0dB, 0.775V(0dBu) with 300 Ohm load unless stated otherwise
SNR Balanced re 23V, SNR SE re. 11.5V

User Manual

Pro iCAN – three tenors in one device!
“I want a woman, I want …!” – remember this scene from the movie Fellini? My brother was taken to a picnic from a madhouse, and my brother hurled at the top of the tree and signaled it to the whole district … By the way, I would now translate this vivid phrase in my own way: “Spring is coming! Spring – the road! “. At least since the beginning of spring, two devices from the British iFI brand have arrived at the review: a fixed headphone amplifier iFI Pro iCAN and a small DAC with decent values, iFi Nano iOne. Today we will listen and talk about the amplifier iFI Pro iCAN.

Many thanks Russia (AUDIO-PH) for your awesome review

Pro iCAN – Tube sound switchable

“The Pro iCAN combines the advantages of three generations of amplifier technology in an extremely elegant way and thus achieves an unprecedented level of flexibility.”

Many thanks LowBeats and iFi Germany (WOD Audio) for your awesome review

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Pro iCAN – top of the line desktop headphone amplifier and preamp!

“This headphone amplifier is sort of like a jack-of-all-trades and that is both a tube and solid state amplifier…pretty unique in the marketplace. It does perform as well as you would expect if not better for the price being charge…”

Many thanks phototristan for your review

Pro iCAN – Fantastic for hard to drive headphones needing bass!

“This amp far exceeded my expectations!”

Thank you E. Silva for your review

Pro iCAN – impeccable quality performance!

“The Pro can be described as very productive, whether it is the appearance or that it takes all kinds of headphones, a wide range of adaptability.”

Many thanks Smzdm for your great review.

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pro iCAN offers an impressive set of features!

“iFi audio’s iCAN headphone amplifier is very versatile with a variety of different types of headphones, and comes with some unique additional flexibilities. It’s a talented performer across a variety of musical styles, but competes in an increasingly popular sector and is aimed at serious headphone listeners at the price.”

Many thanks Neville Roberts and Hi-Fi Choice for this awesome review.

Pro iCAN – I think iCAN!

“The iCAN will be at the top of my ‘must buy’ list!” If you are looking for a small form factor, audiophile quality, professional headphone amplifier/line-stage preamplifier; that will give you years of high-quality audio pleasure; the iFi Pro iCAN can.”

Thank you Dwayne Carter and Enjoy The for your fabulous review.

Pro iCAN: “High performance fully-balanced flagship” says Jay on AudioBacon

“At this point, everyone realises when you get something from iFi, it’s like Christmas came early…The Pro iCAN frees you from the confines of a static sound signature…I’m thoroughly impressed and highly recommend the iFi Pro iCAN for your ears.”

Many thanks Jay for your awesome review.

aornic reviews the Pro iCan headphone amplifier on YouTube.

“iFi’s Pro iCan is a fully balanced headphone amplifier and preamp and is iFi’s flagship headphone amplifier…The Pro iCan is a solid product that will drive any of your headphones and give you the ability to customise your experience with features that are frankly not present on most amplifiers.”

Thank you aornic for your excellent review.

“The iFi Pro iCAN is a mixed Tube and Solid-State Headphone Amplifier”. A review by John Grandberg on innerfidelity.

” Pro iCAN makes it a pretty unique entry on the upper tier of headphone amplifier…The iCan pro has a optional link to connect iFi audio’s, Pro ESL energiser, capable of powering electro statics. Interesting!…The Pro iCAN aims to compete with the best headphone amps these days…Pro ICAN could theoretically be seen as a bargain…there’s a ton of functionality packed into this thing….the Pro iCAN doubles as a preamp, complete with simplistic remote for volume control…the Pro iCAN sports some unique sound enhancement options….Internally, the Pro iCAN is a fully discrete balanced differential design, with a MOSFET-buffered bipolar output stage biased deeply into Class A….iFi has been selling power enhancement and filtration products since their early days, so it’s not surprising to see plenty of attention to detail here.”

Thank you John Gradberg for your thorough review.

“iFi Audio Pro iCAN balanced hybrid valve/solid state headphone amp/preamp!” A review by Chris Martens on hifi+

“The Pro iCAN is a half rack-width component in which is contained some very sophisticated circuitry, lending credence to iFi’s claim that the Pro iCAN is at once “a Professional Headphone Amplifier” and a “fully fledged, High-end Preamplifier”. The headphone amp/preamp is fully balanced, hybrid valve/solid state design that offers users a choice of three gain settings (0db, 9db, and 18db) and three front-end operational modes (Solid-State, Tube and Tube+)….The amp delivers hight power output….It consistently expresses the natural and I would say ‘organic’ warmth of live music, while at the same time delivering plenty of resolution…The Pro iCAN is, quite frankly, the accomplished and masterful headphone amp many have hoped iFi Audio might eventually build….The Pro iCAN is, then, a superb headphone amp in its own right, and one ready to serve as the centrepiece of one of the world’s finest personal audio electronic suites.”

Thank you Chris Martens for your excellent review.

iCan Pro: “…spine shivering moments” says Richard on The Listening Post Christchurch.

“It features a pure class A (or as iFi terms ‘tube-state’) section, a relatively serious tube section based around the famous GE 5670 tubes, as well as a more ‘luxurious’ tube+ mode…One particularly nice feature of the Pro iCan is that you can switch between these modes from the front panel, while the unit is operating. Meaning if you change songs, you can also change the amplifier mode to the amplifier mode which sounds best for the particular piece of music…The Pro iCan also has huge variety of different front panel connection options, including four pin balanced, 3 pin balanced, two 6.3mm outputs and two 3.5mm outputs, as well as a 3.5mm connection capable of powering a 4 pin TRRS balanced 3.5mm cable if necessary. Basically, this means whatever headphone connection you can dream up, the iCan will power it….The Pro iCan seems overall to be built to a very high standard. The volume control and front panel connections all seem solid and sturdy. The aluminium casing is slightly lightweight but it is quite a nice finish with interestingly shaped cut- outs. The input selection and other switches and dials all seem sturdy to touch…iFi have really gone all out with the design and construction of this unit….Immediately, a very large, wide sound-stage is evident, with instruments place quite accurately…This amp is quite capable of spine-shivering moments…This is certainly a reference class headphone amplifier…Set up correctly, this headphone amplifier is capable of taking already great headphones to dizzying heights.”

Thank you Richard for your thorough review.

“iFi Pro iCAN: One of the best headphone amps on the market today”: A review by Trogdor on Head-Fi.

“Pros: Reference clean sound, unbelievable I/O flexibility, unique and rewarding 3D holographic system, luscious tube mode.”

“As I am sure many of you are already acutely aware of, we’re big fans of iFi Audio….iFi is very open and honest about all of their products. In fact, iFi is one of the few companies I know of that even freely shares high-resolution pictures of every circuit board they fabricate…one of the defect leaders in low to mid tier marketplace…I think given all the features the Pro has, the most important one bar none is that it is a fully balanced design. What that means in a nutshell is that from end-to-end this amplifier has two discrete channels..both the left and right channels go through discrete circuit sections. That also means double the parts since each chain has to go through their own input and output stages during amplification while keeping both channels matched. To that end, iFi, has designed their own special potentiometer that is built custom by ALPS Japan exclusively for the Pro….a mark of a truly balanced design…with the Pro, iFi, gives you a choice, with the ability to in real-time switch back and forth between the valve and solid-state input stages…With the Pro, both the solid-state and tube-side are completely separated from each other and once switched over, the signal path continues to maintain the shortest route to the output stage through each. Nice!…Speaking of power, the Pro’s output is insane. You have three gain stages…the Pro offers an insane level of I/O flexibility…The general fit and finish of the Pro just screams “pro” too, from the golden ratio variable thickness chassis to its nylon based quad damped isolation base mount….I think $1700 is actually quite a fair price given its sheer sonic performance and flexibility. And it certainly sounds better than all of its cheaper siblings by a win margin…all these recordings sounded significantly more open and dynamic…it is such a joy to listen to and use. That’s why I have no qualms giving out highest honour even with its lofty price tag. The new Pro iCAN is definitely all go…”

Thank you Trogdor for your excellent review.

PRO iCAN: “What more can you wish for? A review by HIFICRITIC

“…I tested this amazing DAC/headphone amplifier…worked flawlessly….many high end DACs cannot match its specifications…I liked it so much I bought it for my own use….This £1,495 PRO iCAN is in a different league altogether….The PRO iCAN can even drive electrostatic headphones by means of an external amplifier module…Although small, the PRO iCAN is surprisingly heavy for its size. It’s a cute domestic desktop audio device…I found the PRO iCAN totally silent through headphones at maximum volume, in both solid state and tube modes…Try it with live concerts and movies to enhance the atmosphere, and it really widens the soundstage….iFi’s CAN PRO might be one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers around…The iFi PRO iCAN therefore comes with a box of ‘sonic paints’, which can either be used to add some colour to one’s audio…What more can you wish for? Listening to high resolution music files through headphones is a new trend, and iFi Audio here supplies the tools to make the best of it, without taking the best from your bank account.”

iFi Pro Headphone iCAN a review by Pierre-Yves Maton on

“….British brand iFi Audio has accustomed us to affordable audiophile productions…much higher-end amplifier for headphones working with a tube or transistor circuit…delight professionals like audiophiles savvy…a very musical model thanks to its circuits in Class A. Its design was rather endearing and the quality of manufacture of a level rather pushed….success was rapid because behind the iFi Audio brand is the company AMR for Abingdon Music Research, a well-known brand across the sleeve for its high-flying audio devices….high-end technologies…immediately seduced many music lovers…premium headphone amplifier….The front and rear panels are extremely well packed, giving a good idea of the complete connectivity as well as the possibilities offered by the iCAN Pro.This is an originality that we have never seen before….We can only admire the ingenuity of the iFi Audio brand….a device capable of responding to every situation…With so many possibilities, the iFi Pro iCAN is at the same time a bargain for its user….The sound is aerial, light and very beautiful….”

Thank you Pierre-Yves Maton for your excellent review.

Translated with Google.

A review of the Pro iCan on Audio Video by Dmitry LOVKOVSKY.

“…here the device appeared capable to surprise even experienced lovers…The principal novelty is not so much in the construction (although there are original solutions), but in the nature of the relationship between the user and the amplifier. It adapts to its owner, and not vice versa….the power to iFi PRO iCAN headphones is unique: it offers a choice of one of three different sound characters: a semiconductor and two tube…Originality device underlines its looks. …Good music in a feeding causes a feeling of joy and happiness…. it sound incredibly realistic and the first time even prevents perceive music – the brain is trying to digest all this huge amount of data.But over time you get used to it, the brain calms down, realizing that all of this redundant information is useless, he relaxes and begins to just have fun.”

Translated with Google.

Thank you Dmitry LOVKOVSKY for this review.

iCan Pro: “We must give credit to iFi Audio…..” says Francesco of!

“We are talking in particular about what is today commonly called hype a slang term that recalls the excitement for an event or a product of which very little is known and that doesn’t have a precise marketing date……The new Pro iCAN by iFi Audio is a professional balanced headphone amplifier which not only acts as a preamp and includes, as we shall see, all kinds of inputs and outputs but allows the user to select 3 different modes namely a solid state and two tubes……Personally, I can say that all the clever hype created by iFi Audio around the Pro iCAN has been almost completely satisfied. ”

Thank you so much Francesco for the great review!

iCan Pro: The little amp that Can – 5 stars from Head-fi member, Grizzlybeast!


“Pros: Tons of power, very clean and deep. Black background, analog sound with good body.”
“This little thing is a BEAST. Its got a lot of muscle, a lot of articulation and definition with a clarity and black background that few amps pull off…….Initially I was very apprehensive about a small amp like this packed full of features being able to deliver true sound quality. My gimmick flag went up. But since I heard the ifi Micro SE I knew they could deliver sound quality. I wasn’t expecting this much inner clarity but am pleasantly surprised. This sets a new standard for me in a few ways. ”
Thanks Grizzlybear!

Francesco Campbell of reviews the iCan Pro


“I have to give about iFi Audio to be able to create a truly versatile product that can satisfy both the professional is the audiophile to the number of connections and listening mode. I think it is not easy to realize a headphone amplifier that contains within it two distinct technologies such as operating valves and the solid state. Finally, I think that it was not even easy to make a product that does not minimally breaks down for the kind of headphone that must pilot and that maintains a consistent timbre even multiple of the output stage gain levels……So I can call it a ‘handyman’ amplifier that easily adapts to any load impedance the undergoes. The iCAN Pro can therefore be a good solution for those who have a large headphones park and does not want to go crazy to buy more than one amplifier. The timbre of the amplifier in solid-state mode is decidedly neutral with a slight heat tip. The contrasts between the micro-dynamics and macro-dynamic stood on very good levels.”

Translated with Google

Thanks Francesco Donadel Campbell, Luka “Luker” Rossi & Ziomusic.IT!

Oscar of Sound Perfection Reviews enjoys the iCan Pro!


“Sound Perfection Rating: 10/10 (You won’t find this amount of power and features on another amp in this, or any other price range, and sonically this amp exceeds all expectations)”

“This amp is packed full of features, and I don’t quite know where to start…..Now lets change it to the Tube mode, like this you get a richer sound, more body and it just sounds fuller. This works wonders on the slightly brighter headphones out there, or just those who want that smoothness of tubes but without sacrificing fine detail. I find the tube mode better for just sitting back and enjoying my music, the good thing about the tubes in this is that they don’t alter the overall clear sound of the amp, they just add a touch of warmth and body……iFi have made the perfect all in one amp for all headphones and have not failed in any area. Whether you want reference sound from the SS mode, or a richer sound from the Tube mode you have it all in one neat package. Add to that the possibility of using it as a pre-amp, and being fully balanced throughout and you have a very impressive array of features for the money.”

Thanks Oscar Stewart and Sound Perfection Reviews!

Brent Butterworth of Sound Stage Global takes a listen to the Pro line at RMAF 2016!


“The iFi Pro line components combine modern circuitry with tube line stages, and should accommodate practically any headphone design or digital format. At top is the $2000 iDSD DAC. Directly beneath it is the $1699 iCAN, a headphone amp with numerous outputs: four-pin XLR, dual three-pin XLR (with 1/4” in the center), and dual 3.5mm. The iCAN ESL at bottom is an energizer for use with electrostatic headphones; its estimated price is $1300. Only the iCAN is available now, and the others are slated for delivery in early 2017”

Thanks Brent Butterworth!

Enjoy the Music charged up whilst listening to the Pro line at RMAF 2016!


“We’ve been buzzing about iFi Audio’s Pro iCan ($1699) for a year now, but in that time, iFi Audio has been quietly growing their soon-to-be released Pro lineup to include the Pro iDSD, and now they’ve even slipped an electrostatic energizer into the mix. The Pro iCan ESL electrostatic energizer is especially compelling, given its wide range of outputs and voltage settings, not to mention its fantastic sound. In combination with the iCan and iDSD, this stack gives you the ability to drive, quite literally, any headphone on the planet. That includes sensitive IEMs, low and high impedance dynamics, impossible-to-drive planars like the HIFIMAN HE-6, and any electrostatic headphone. And that is barely scratching the surface. The Pro series also allows you to switch between tube, solid state on the fly, and offers options to boost the bass or widen the soundstage with the twist of a knob. Top to bottom, this lineup is truly impressive!”
Thanks Enjoy the Music!

HeadMania reviews the iCan Pro….. and it packs-a-punch!

“Well, the first thing that you might think while looking at this amplifier is that it shouldn’t be too powerful considering its size. Well, this little guy packs some power under the small hood, showing no stress with LCD-4 for example, which is a power hungry headphone compared to others. It also seemed to handle more efficient headphones and even IEMS very well. This unit is very versatile and it also can offer you different sound signatures depending on the mood. Overall I found it to be an excellent amplifier and it has very good value for the money. Besides this, I consider iCan Pro to be truly a jack of all trades. You can use it with any headphone out there, from IEMs to really demanding headphones.”
Thanks HeadMania!

Turrican2 of Head-Fi reviews the iCan Pro!


“Immediately I felt at home. This has the familiar sound I am used to with the Micro iCan/iTube only much, much more so. Sound stage is a little fuller and it really drives the T1’s well. I would never call the sound I achieved from the ‘Micro’ set-up ‘thin’, but this is a richer sound with more weight and more space. I’d love to try some HE-6 on this, I have a feeling it would do them justice. After some time listening I settled upon my desired xBass setting , 20Hz, this seemed to sound about right with the T1/Hugo combo.”

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iFi Audio Pro iCan: an amplifier for music headphones, super powerful and comprehensive connectivity!


Philippe Daussin of (France) reviews the iCan Pro.

“In conclusion, the iFi iCAN Pro is an amplifier that offers just about everything one could want amateur demanding in terms of power or connectivity and also wanting to enjoy various types of amplification, all offering different sound qualities but quality, the sound can be embellished or not of bass boost and (or) of spatial effect, these options are also available on its pre amplified outputs.”

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HiFiKnights: Pro iCan is outstanding device!


“PRO iCAN is outstanding device. It should not be regarded as merely a headphone amplifier, because it is not only him. A more common sense will define it as two amplifiers and preamp, which is three devices in one closed, impressively armored housing….. Which headphone amplifier available on the market offers as much as PRO iCAN? Believe me, that the products of his caliber are rarities, they simply do not have. And once you come, you have them necessarily interested. To the next.”

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Ken Ho of PMRreviews aka thatonenoob (Head-Fi) strikes again! Reviewing the iCan Pro!


“This is a great amplifier. I really don’t have much else to say, except that if you enjoyed iFi’s previous offerings, this will definitely be a hit with you. It’s got a clean, resolving, and technically excellent signature which can be adjusted ever so slightly with a myriad options, ranging from a simple bass enhancement (XBass) to completely changing the core operation of the amplifier from solid state to tubes. And speaking of XBass, the traditional iFi set of features has returned in this new amplifier in a refined and upgraded form. As a flagship, the iCAN Pro has got just about everything that I’d expect and hope for!”

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iPhono 2 & iCan Pro makes Japan’s “Analog” Magazine!


Japanese viewers, do take a look!

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iCan Pro scores a 9.8 out of 10!


“Conclusion: I called the ifi iDSD micro the Swiss Army Knife of portable/desktop DAC/amps. The Pro iCan is that times 1,000 in the desktop amp range. Versatile, tube-sound, solid state sound, hybrid sound, power to drive an HE-6 and highly sensitive 8 Ohm IEMs, fully balanced mode, connectors for ANYthing. And a sound quality that you usually have to pay at least double the amount for. I so want this amp. This amp is pure endgame material. There is no reason to own anything else. If you can afford this beauty”

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Latest releases, iCan Pro and iPhono 2, listed upon!

Pro iCAN 01.132

Pro iCan: “The headphone amp iCan Pro wants the standard of the new series of pro iFi brand. The latter already proposed several headphone amplifiers and iCan IDAC sold between € 230 and € 400.But this is a much higher amp range and very particular since has both a tube amplifier circuit and the other transistors . One or the other may be selected by the user and the device can be used as a pro-amp or headphones as an audiophile preamp……”

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The iCan Micro & Pro iCan used during the review of HiFiMan HE-350!


A well written review about the HiFiMan HE-350 by Head-fi user, moedawg140, who used iFi products to evaluate his findings!

iCan Micro SE: “The micro iCAN SE is an amp that produces a defined and resolute sound signature, especially when coupled with the QP1R. Detail is palpable, and the micro/macro detail of the HE350 truly shines. The “3D HolographicSound” setting helps add in a little more forward, rich and transparent sound field perception.”

iCan Pro: “I wanted to try out the HE350 with a balanced amp, so I used my HE1000 balanced cable with the HE350, connected to the Pro iCAN I had on loan for a couple of weeks…….The Pro iCAN is connected to the QP1R as the source. The resulting sound is utterly transparent, fluid and the smooth presentation is resounding. Delicate, yet full of depth and dynamic in nature. Seriously blissful sounding and truly brings out every last drop of the technical capabilities the HE350 is able to emanate. The GE 5670 brings out the warmth of the HE350 with no inherent brightness, just a more clear view of the treble as it has been softened to seemingly refresh the senses.”

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iFi iDAC2 and iCan Pro makes it into the HiFi + magazine!


Get on down to your local store or purchase the PDF version online to read the review!

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Pro iCAN main accessories
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• Desiccant
• RCA Cable
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• power adapter
• Power cord
• Warranty Card
• user manual
• STS Card