Accessory – SPDIF iPurifier

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Isolated all noise

<300fs Femto clock

Silent to 1uV

The SPDIF iPurifier is partly a nod to past SPDIF devices including the Genesis Digital Lense. With the very latest AMR/iFI technology, it is suited to the gamut of SPDIF sources that are on the market today. It takes any barely recognisable ‘square wave’ and with REclock˚/REgenerate˚ the signal is back to a real-world, perfect wave form.

From Apple TV to Google Chromecast to PS4/Xbox to 4K Smart TVs, SPDIF is the main digital audio output. As with all mainstream products, the critical SPDIF signal transmitted is of fairly low quality. The SPDIF iPurifier runs the SPDIF signal through 4 comprehensive stages, and the result is a fully-restored, perfect SPDIF with jitter eliminated. The result is sound quality that has greater warmth, resolution and dynamic contrast.

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  Restoring the Waveform and eliminates all jitter
signal-22 The signal from SPDIF devices is a digital signal. The industry standard for looking at the quality of a digital signal is to look at the ‘square wave’ (on an oscilloscope).

But the wave is anything but ‘square’, resembling more of a jagged wave. By running through the four major stages of the SPDIF iPurifier:

signal-11 SPDIF_iPurifier-1
  The Waveform is back to ideal.
  Bit-Perfect audio on all fronts
BitPerfec-1 AMR/iFi prides itself in assuring Bit-Perfect signal transfer. This means the signal remains original and unchanged. The SPDIF iPurifier ensures a Bit-Perfect transfer which is highly unusual for SPDIF devices. It can handle 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192kHz; 16 to 24 Bit, DSD/DoP, and even Dolby Digital and DTS.

The SPDIF iPurifier has co-axial/optical input AND co-axial/optical output. It works with just about any and every SPDIF product from mass market Apple TV to an audiophile transport > DAC.

  Galvanic isolation
SPDIF-IS-1 The SPDIF iPurifier has no peer. One of the key aspects is that it has galvanic isolation which uncommon. It was however found in the original Digital Lense which retailed at US$1,800 in 1996.

Galvanic isolation is converting a signal from one form to another which will discard spurious noise. This is a major factor behind the SPDIF iPurifier’s ability to stop noise contaminating the signal.

  Global Master Timing® + Memory Buffer
GlobalMasterTiming-1 AMR’s Global Master Timing (GMT)/ Memory Buffer System represents a total ‘out of the box’ systematic digital solution that solves the digital SPDIF jitter issue once and for all. The Intelligent Memory System holds a large number of complete audio samples, so it may completely absorb a large amount of variation (jitter and drift) in the incoming signal, while still sending out data at a fixed and precise clock rate, regardless of variations in the incoming clock.

Central to the GMT clock system is an ultra-low jitter, quartz-driven clock system (<300 femto second crystal) capable of producing millions of different frequencies with a precision of better than 0.001Hz. Hence, if the frequency shifts from 192,000.002Hz to 192,000.003Hz over a period of minutes (drift) which is the minimum to be meaningful, the GMT clock will intelligently and precisely track the change. This is a core technology of the SPDIF iPurifier.

  iPower ‘quieter than battery’ technology
power-1 As the SPDIF iPurifier is powered by 5V, it is essential that it is fed by silent power supply. Hence each and every SPDIF iPurifier is shipped with its own iPower (5V). With a noise floor that of 1uV, the iPower is a breed of near silent DC-power supply. Low power consumption and low-noise.
  Packed to the brim
With a Bill of Materials (BOM) that stands at 53 individual components, be assured that beneath its unassuming exterior, there are two separate PCBs, each mil-spec’d and packed to the brim with advanced technology.
Supported Signals: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz; 16 to 24 Bit, DSD/DoP, Dolby Digital, DTS
Input: Combo optical mini-jack & gold-plated co-axial connector (impedance 75 Ohms)
Outputs: gold-plated co-axial connector (impedance 75 Ohms) & optical mini-jack
Power Supply: micro USB, 5V/500mA ( iPower 5V included )
Dimensions: 71(l) x 19(w) x 20(h)mm/2.8” x 0.74” x 0.79”
Weight: 29g ( 1.02oz )
Warranty period: 12 months

User Manual

SPDIF iPurifier – 5 starsSounds Great!

SPDIF iPurifier 02.86

I am using the SPDIF iPurifier with an Auralic Aries Mini and a Rotel integrated amplifier that has a built in DAC. I tried several USB cables along with an inexpensive Audioquest COAX cable and I determined that I preferred the sound of my setup with the COAX cable. I then tried the SPDIF iPurifier to see if it would improve the sound. The results were very positive.

The SPDIF iPurifier made subtle but significant changes in several ways. My system sounds better with quiet, acoustic music. I guess that means that the noise floor was improved. Music with grunt, such a jazz sax sounds, has more detail. The overall sound is more smooth. Everything just sounds better.

The end result is that I improved the sound of my system for far less than the cost of a “quality” USB. The iPurifier is well worth the money.

Thank you Flyfish 77 for your review.

SPDIF iPurifier – “Subtle but noticeable improvement in sound quality”.

SPDIF iPurifier 02.86

I’ve never been particularly sensitive to jitter in digital audio.

I think there so many other things that affect the sound more.

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Many thanks DiamondPilot for your review

“iFi SPDIF iPurifier: Brings everything into a sharper focus with better shape, definition and clarity.” says highfell on Head-Fi.

“Pros: Cost effective coaxial and optical digital source cleaner.”

“The goal of the SPDIF iPurifier is to clean up jitter and electrical noise in digital input so that the DAC will more accurately convert it to the music output that you listen to….It re-clocks the digital audio signal, galvanically isolates the DAP from the DAC and uses Femto clock to provide better timing of the bitstream, together with an ultra clean power source…The unit is also a lot cheaper than the W4S Remedy Reclocker…It is beautifully put together and looks and feels to be a quality designed and built product…All in all it comes nicely packaged and definitely gives the impression of being a quality product…Does it make a difference? The answer is yes and in a good way…there was a noticeable improvement. Everything was brought into a sharper focus, the bass became deeper, the cymbals crispier and there was a general greater level of silk smoothness to the music. It had better shape and definition and a bigger soundstage which in turn meant better separation…Mariusz Duda’s whispered intro literally seemed to jump out into the room at me and all the other instruments were more clearly defined….At £145, it’s the most competitive coaxial or optical ‘data cleaner’ in the market….the SPDIF iPurifier noticeably delivers. For me it’s a keeper.”

Thank you highfell for your excellent review.

5 Stars given to the SPDIF iPurifier from JohntheJack on!

SPDIF iPurifier 02.86

“Thorsten Loesch has taken some of the S/PDIF input tech found in his high-end AMR DP-777 DAC/pre and applied it to his more affordable iFi Audio product range, specifically the iDSD DAC and Stereo 50 system.”

Video of interview can be found at:

Thanks John!

John H Darko interviews iFi designer regarding the SPDIF iPurifier!


“Thorsten Loesch has taken some of the S/PDIF input tech found in his high-end AMR DP-777 DAC/pre and applied it to his more affordable iFi Audio product range, specifically the iDSD DAC and Stereo 50 system.”

Video of interview can be found at:

Thanks John!

User, Barry in Galgary, enjoying the SPDIF iPurifier… Wow!


“I received my SPDIF iPurifier three days ago and placed it between my Bryston BDP2 (with the latest IAD board) and my MSB Analogue DAC…..I didn’t expect much from the iPurifier because I thought my SPDIF signal was pretty good to begin with, but after plugging in the SPDIF iPurifier I was shocked by what I heard. The sound was glorious. The soundstage expanded, the music became far more 3 dimensional. Bass improved… (you get the idea). The improvement was far far better than anything I heard…..”

Thanks Barry!

SPDIF iPurifier Accessories
• 5.5×2.1 to Micro USB adapter
• Optical fiber line
• Adaper for iPower + iPower
• BNC to RCA adapter 、BNC to RCA adapter
• The end square to end round Optical fiber adapter
• user manual
• Warranty Card
• STS Card