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Eye Pattern_Ver.9

Eye Pattern_Ver.9

Eye Pattern_Ver.9

Eye Pattern_Ver.9

The iSilencer3.0® is an instant upgrade for all USB ports; it adds the following features to the USB ports:
  1. Active Noise Cancellation® technology
2. Reduce jitter + packet errors
3. REbalance® the USB signal
4. USB3.0 technology for optimal transfer
The iSilencer3.0® is the most direct and simple upgrade for any USB port, it lowers noise/RFI/EMI by up to 40dB or 100x.

It is ideal for the home and on-the-go improvement of all devices connected to the USB port, e.g. Computer Servers, Mixers, Hard drives etc. Regardless of the system; from US$10,000 to US$100, the iSilencer3.0® terminates noise, in its tracks.

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  Active Noise Cancellation® by AMR/iFi now rolling out across the range
Eye Pattern_Ver.9 Active Noise Cancellation® by AMR/iFi is in-house technology developed to cut out noise in a very significant way in the audio field. It is now the bedrock of iFi signal/power products because…they need to address the issue of noise in both signal and power situations.

What is the Active Noise Cancellation circuit design?

Drawing from the military field (specifically the Thales Spectra radar cancellation system deployed in the French Dassault Rafale jet fighter), iFi adapted this technology to exclusively introduce the Active Noise Cancellation® (ANC®) audio power system. It is now a cornerstone of the ever-improving iFi USB audio technology, looking for new products to feature ANC® ,and ANC+®.

  An air defence radar is transmitting at a certain frequency; the signal is bouncing off the aircraft; a receiver on board the aircraft picks up the signal and a computer analyses its base frequency/modulations and an identical, out-of-phase signal is generated by an on board system to cancel out the enemy radar signal.

By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, it actively cancels all the incoming noise. ANC® is the perfect ‘antidote’ for power supply noise, the bane of USB audio.

  ANC® measured, noise drops by 100 times or 40dB in comparison to the Common Noise Filter. Sonically, the background and inner resolution to recordings is enhanced.
  More than one iSilencer3.0® brings exponential benefit
usbkou The iSilencer3.0® can be used not only at the active USB ports but also at unused USB ports where it will reduce radiated EMI and as the ANC® circuitry is bi-directional and usually as all USB ports share one power bus. The iSilencer3.0® cuts noise, system-wide for all USB ports, including for example an active port that has another iSilencer3.0® plugged-in which is the one connected to another device.
Multiple ANC® circuits will simply double the noise reduction each time the number of ANC® units is doubled. So 2 x iSilencer3.0® will kill double the noise of a single-one and four for example will kill four times the noise of a single one; if they are plugged into the same block of USB Ports and even though only one iSilencer3.0® has one device (e.g. DAC) connected into it.
  USB3.0 technology, at the cutting-edge
Eye Pattern_Ver.9 It is now a hallmark of all the latest iFi signal and power products to be USB3.0 standard. First USB3.0 is backwards compatible with USB2.0. Second, in terms of the specifications, USB3.0 is superior to USB2.0 e.g. the wire gauge specification is more exhaustive and the connections are better.

Hence, the iSilencer3.0® is USB3.0 standard but also 2.0 compatible.

• Super-Speed USB3.0 (and USB2.0 backwards compatible)
• Connectors: USB3.0 gold-plated connectors
• Dimensions: 48 (l) x 18 (w) x 8 mm (h)
• Weight: 6.3g (0.22oz)
• Warranty period: 12 months
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

User Manual

Great USB filter by thetruth

Makes music sound more natural and lowers harshness of digital audio by lowering jitter and emi/rfi. Works better than the Audioquest Jitterbug.

Thank you thetruth for your review.


This is a great solution to the problem – Amazon Customer

I use this with my Razer Kraken 7.1 and it removes all hiss and popping noises. If you use a USB headset and have feedback issues, this is a great solution to the problem.


Excellent product., February 27, 2017

Resolved communications breaks I had previously had with my USB3.0 to DAC connection. Excellent product

Thank you Singerdoc for your review.


Highly recommended – not just for lowering noise…, December 9, 2016
Bob Welsh

Very cool product! I expected lower noise floors on my various DACs, and it did lower the noise somewhat. But the real improvement was an increase in dynamics, more clarity, more detail (without brightness), a sense of ease, and more “bloom”. Unexpected but very welcomed! Highly recommended.

Thank you Bob Welsh for your review.


Works wonders with DC Purifiers and iPurifier 2, January 18, 2017
Paul D. Bul

After trying ifi audio iPurifier 2 and DC Purifiers with success, I was inspired and decided to give iSilencer a shot. Not expecting much, I found the latter works very well with the formers but on the other end of the USB chain. Highly recommended!

Audio chain: AudioPC > iSilencer > Curious RUR link > W4S RUR (with DC Purifier plugged in) > Curious RUR link > iPurifier 2 > DAC.

5/6/2017 update: audioPC => iSiencer3.0 plugged into spare USB port; audioPC => iDefender3.0 => Curious short USB link => iPurifier2 => Nano iUSB3.0 => Curious short USB link => DAC. Music playback takes on a holographic, detailed, full body, clear presentation.

Thank you Paul D. Bul for your review.

iSilencer3.0 – If USB audio noise bugs you, get this thing. It works.,

May 24, 2017
Mark R Wietstock

I read all the reviews, and thought a LONG time before buying this gizmo. I recently bought a very IN-expensive remote-controlled, DC-powered MP3 player that runs songs from a USB drive or SD card. It’s a convenient little device, but unfortunately, it also transmits a lot of “jitter” into the audio as it reads MP3 files from the USB drive … a common problem with USB-based audio devices, I guess, because they transmit both power and audio data across the same circuit.

Thus, I had to decide between, e.g., tossing the player; gritting my teeth and living with the noise, or investing five times what the player cost to buy this filter, in the HOPE that it would provide enough noise reduction to make it worth the investment. I’m VERY happy to report … it WAS worth it. This thing actually works. It doesn’t totally eliminate the noise, but substantially reduces it … to the point where it’s hardly noticeable through headphones, and almost completely absent through speakers.

Thank you Mark R Wietstock for your review.


Actually works, May 4, 2017
Nelson C

I love the fact that the iSilencer actually works as advertised. Plugging this into either my pc or phone makes the audio coming out of my dac/amp cleaner and clearer. I also noticed an increase in sound stage and better imaging/instrument placement. The only kind of downside to the iSilencer is that it makes music slightly less dynamic. I like how the treble is tamed and becomes more coherent but the bass is also slightly subdued, although I do notice that the bass is tighter and quicker. It also eliminates the humming and clicking noises (jitter) I would hear in music.

Thank you Nelson C for your review.

“This product has done exactly that!”

What is hearfidelity talking about?

The iSilencer3.0 of course!

“This product has resolved an issue I was having with USB noise out of a few of my USB ports.

Many thanks hearfidelity for your review.

John H. Darko gets the gist of the new accessory releases whilst at RMAF 2016!


iEMatch: “The first is for headphone listeners. The iEMatch is an inline attenuator that reduces headroom and re-introduces the listener to the potential for a wider dynamic range”

iDefender 3.0: “a single purpose device that will stop ground loops in their tracks in the most obvious way possible: pulling the plug on USB power itself. Data will still pass freely.”

iSilencer 3.0: “ an accessory designed to cauterise electrically noisy USB feeds”

Thank you for your write up John H. Darko!

iSilencer3.0 main accessories
• USB Rubber plug
• Desiccant
• user manual
• Warranty Card
• STS Card