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iFi USB audio technology
is unsurpassed


100 times reduction in noise

micro iUSB + Gemini
+ iPurifier 2

The USB audio platform is well-established, yet as with any audio transmission protocol, unwanted factors hinder the audio quality. iFi’s obsession with ‘cleaning up’ the USB audio chain drawn from the knowledge base of AMR. As early as 2012, iFi invented the first USB power regenerator – the iUSB Power. This was swiftly followed by professional USB audio cables – the Mercury and Gemini. Later came the USB audio filter – the original iPurifier. Fast-forward to 2015 and we now have the iPurifier 2.

Most effective at the end (rather than the beginning) of the ‘digital USB audio chain’ the iPurifier 2 cleans up the USB transmission. There is an iPurifier 2 perfectly suited to every DAC.

All-new, cutting-edge


In an all aircraft-grade CNC-aluminium shell anodised in ‘titanium’,the all-new iPurifier 2 features the very latest USB audio technology from Active Noise Cancellation® to REclock® and REgenerate®, whilst still retaining the original REbalance®.

Active Noise Cancellation® drawn from military radar technology


Drawing from the military field (specifically the Thales Spectra radar cancellation system deployed in the French Dassault Rafale jet fighter), iFi adapted this technology to exclusively introduce the Active Noise Cancellation® (ANC®) audio power system. It is now a cornerstone of the ever-improving iFi USB audio technology, looking for new products to feature ANC® ,and ANC+®.


An air defence radar is transmitting at a certain frequency; the signal is bouncing off the aircraft; a receiver on board the aircraft picks up the signal and a computer analyses its base frequency/modulations and an identical, out-of-phase signal is generated by an on board system to cancel out the enemy radar signal.

By generating a signal identical to the noise signal but in the exact opposite phase, it actively cancels all the incoming noise. ANC® is the perfect ‘antidote’ for power supply noise, the bane of USB audio.


ANC® measured, noise drops by 100 times or 40dB in comparison to the Common Noise Filter. Sonically, the background and inner resolution to recordings is enhanced several levels.


REclock® reclock/regenerate/repeat the signal


Re-clocking is beneficial to audio. REclock® is a ‘3-in-1’ feature that re-clocks/re-generates/repeats USB audio datastream. For any and every downstream DAC, REclock® technology eliminates jitter. Music flows better, is cleaner, deeper and tauter, just like the real thing.

REbalance® rectify the unbalanced signal

A core element of the original iPurifier’s success was REbalance® which has naturally been carried over to the iPurifier 2. By removing the DC offset and ‘re-balancing’ the USB audio signal, it is now perfectly balanced. As it purifies the USB audio data stream, this means noise is significantly reduced:

Eye Pattern_Ver.9

Future-proofed. Like no other

LOGO ver1 8

At iFi, we already develop cutting-edge, advanced audio converters from AMR trickle-down technology. Given this pedigree, the iPurifier 2 (just like the original iPurifier) is ready for all present and future PCM/DSD/DXD formats – without restriction.

So your iPurifier 2 will improve your USB audio playback experience for many years to come.

The iFi ‘Grand Slam’

iPurifier2+iUSB+Gemini_2To reach the absolute zenith in USB audio quality, iFi loves to push past the envelope of what is considered possible. We recommend the existing iUSB Power (to supply pure, clean power) and the Gemini cable (for separate audio + power transmission). Coupled with the iPurifier 2 to re-clock/regenerate and filter audio+power just prior to entering the iUSB Power (in this instance, not at the DAC end).

For the iUSB3.0, that alone incorporates all that we have learnt over the past few years so the iPurifier2 is not required to improve the iUSB3.0.

For further reading on the iUSB and technical aspects on other iFi products:

· USB 3.0 + 2.0 compatible input port, USB2.0 High Speed output port
· Connectors:    iFi ‘FINAL’ USB solid-aluminium connectors (Impedance: 90 ohms) 2.1A
· Dimensions:    62(l)x19(w)x18(h)mm
· Weight:          30g (0.1 lbs)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

User Manual

Technology micro
1-1 USB3.0 Chipset
Improved performance and fault tolerance over USB2.0.
Side Bar 1: USB3.0 chipsets
0-1 0-1 USB2.0
2-1 REclock®/REgenerate®/Rebalance®
Re-clocks/Re-generates/Re-balances USB signal, recreates a ‘perfect’ USB signal.
Side Bar 2: USB Audio Class 2.0 (UAC2)
0-1 0-1 0-1
3-1 Low Jitter Crystal Clock Oscillator
True crystal clock for ultra-low Jitter in the all-important ‘audio band.’
Side Bar 3: True Crystal Clocks
0-1 0-1 0-1
4-1 PowerStation+®
USB Power Supply as quiet as battery: 3-Stage Sub-sonic noise filters + 3-Stage 6th Order RFI
noise filter.
0-1 0-2 0-2
5-1 PowerStation®
USB Power Supply line for super low-noise: Sub-sonic noise filter + 2-Stage 4th Order RFI noise
0-2 0-1 0-2
6-1 Active Noise Cancellation+®
Extremely low noise floor (0.1uV) ANC+ circuit, lower noise than batteries.
Side Bar 4: Active Noise Cancellation
0-1 0-2 0-2
7-1 Active Noise Cancellation®
Very low noise floor (0.5uV) ANC circuit, comparable to batteries.
Side Bar 4: Active Noise Cancellation
0-2 0-1 0-1
8-1 IsoGround®
Eliminates Ground/Earth loops, reduces RF noise.
0-1 RF only RF only
9-1 Dual-USB Output Ports
Separate USB Port for Power only (allows use of dual-headed USB cable).
2 sets 1 set 0-2
10-1 Auto USB Power
USB Power Always ON or follow the status of the computer.
0-1 0-1 0-2
11-1 RapidCharge (BC1.2)
Super-fast USB charging.

Side Bar 1: USB3.0 chipsets

USB3.0 chipsets are markedly superior to USB2.0 chipsets. This is in part due to improved IC construction processes that are needed to support the data rate of USB 3.0 which at 5GBPS, is 10x that of USB 2.0.

Side Bar 2: USB Audio Class 2.0

USB Audio Class 2.0 Devices are especially sensitive to data quality issues. Computer hard-disks work in ‘Bulk Mode’ which allows corrupt data to be re-sent and is extremely robust in terms of data integrity.
Audio/Video streaming requires real-time operation and hence no data can be re-sent even if corrupted. Further, the timing accuracy required is also much stringent than in ‘Bulk Mode.’

Side Bar 3: True Crystal Clocks

True crystal clocks with a clean power supply offer around 100 femtoseconds jitter in the all-important audio band (20Hz-20kHz).
By comparison a SONET-derived Femto-Clock (US$50), has around 500 Femtoseconds jitter in this audio band.

Side Bar 4: Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation generates an opposite phase signal to the noise to cancel it. Due to its operation it also stops noise from the device being reverse-injected into the power supply or computer.


iUSB Comparison

iPurifier2 – This is not snake oil.
The device makes a noticeable improvement in sound quality that is not limited to blocking occasional clicks and pops from USB. The noise background is much lower and instrument separation is improved. The treble glare on several of my amps is also reduced or eliminated. I also have the iUSB 3.0 bit for the price the iPurfier really makes a difference.

One thing to note however, this thing is really power hungry. If I have it plugged into a MacBook Pro it cuts the battery life in half and it won’t run using the Apple camera connection kit without external power.”

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Many thanks you Customer Review for your review

The iFi iPurifier2 is an USB Audio Bliss says Bansaku on Head-Fi.
“In my opinion adding the iPurifier2 into your audio chain is a no-brainer if one desires the absolute best in audio performance. I know what my next purchase is going to be!”

Thank you Bansaku for your excellent review.

The iPurifier 2 is reviewed by Ates Berberoglu.
“This small unit also has reclock, rebalance and regenerate technologies. It is the successor of iPurifier and it is the same size of its little brother. As far as it can be seen in the website that iFi recommends getting the iPurifier with Micro iUSBPower for existing customers and Gemini to correct signals.”

Thank you Ates Berberoglu for your review.

“iFi Audio iPurifier 2: Absolutely astonishing.” a review by Laurent Thorin on Vumètre
“iFi Audio has a catch: the cleaner of the USB audio signal…a pioneer in the field, developing the first USB signal regenerator…iFi Audio has developed its first USB audio filter, the iPurifier…The operation of this device is based on the eradication of parasitic noise by generating a signal identical to the background noise but with exactly opposite phase. So all the noises arriving are cancelled. The iPurifier 2 is also very complete because it is already compatible with the future standards of PCM/DSD/DXD….On each trial, we noticed a significant gain in opening, transparency and delicacy. The sound scene is more spacious and stepped, the dynamics rises one notch and the restoration gains a lot in softness and in opening. The iPurifier 2 is a very useful product that is nothing like a gadget. It improves the sound quality sensibly. …Thanks to iFi Audio and its many toys, it reduces the sound degradation for more musicality. Approved!”

Thank you Laurent Thorin for your superb review.

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Theaudiophileman reviews the iPurifier 2!
Theaudiophileman reviews the iPurifier 2!
“In effect, this is a long review of what, essentially, is a very simple process: to remove or lower noise from your music. The iFi iPurifier2 does that and does it well, reducing the sonic rubbish to allow your music to flow. What this compact little object gives you back in terms of sonics is the important subtleties. Those bits of the music that add character to a performance, that give it human qualities, that add a sense of emotion or frailty. The bits, in effect, that transform it from a robotic performance to something that engages you. This little box does all of these things and does it well enough to convince me to carry it around as an important part of my audiophile mobile music hardware set-up. Now I know what it does, I don’t want to go back.”
Thank you Paul Rigby!

Fradoca of Head-Fi: ‘A fundamental tool for your USB audio chain’
5 Stars!

Pros: Focus, Clarity and increased resolution added to your audio tracks
Cons: None!

“To be honest I’ve always been rather biased towards the USB protocol for what regards the transmission of digital audio…..but over time I have had to think again about the quality of the USB standard especially when you have the necessary tools to make it sound its best. The iPurifier2 is definitely one of them, and since the first version has really raised the quality of the performance so much so, to the point that those sensations, when first used, reminded me as I told you, of when I used an external word-clock for the DAC in my studio. Everything is much more in focus, more precise and realistic than the previous listenings. If the sound transmission via the USB iPurifier2 is already itself a step forward compared to the normal connections such as the S/PDIF and the AES-EBU and somehow brings tangible benefits sonically, the iPurifier2 joined with the iUSB is one of the definitive steps towards the top quality USB audio. Well done iFi Audio!!!”

Thank you Fradoca of Head-Fi!

iPurifier 2: USB clean-up value king in a pocketable size! Says Glassmonkey of Head-Fi!
“Increased soundstage width and depth, better note definition, timing smears fixed, cleaner vocals and treble, price better than a midrange USB cable….. I’m a fan of the iPurifier2, but I’ve been spoiled on the much more expensive and more performance laden Micro iUSB3.0…… I think that the iPurifier2 is a great value. At $110 it is better value than basically any audio device you can buy in that range. It provides definite improvement in soundstage depth, lays down some tight and groovy bass, and improves note definition by improving the blackness of the background and preventing time smearing. I give these a solid 4 stars. They are extremely portable, work universally, and give marked improvements in audio quality”

Thank you Glassmonkey!

Micro iUSB3.0, iDAC 2 Micro, iPurifier 2 are all reviewed by Headphone Guru!
The system configuration: MacBook–> Mercury–> iPurifier2–> micro iUSB3.0–>Gemini–>micro iDAC2–> 3.5mm analogue output

“The main and the most impressive part of the system is the iUSB3.0 that improves the sound quality dramatically good…..The reviewed system is not cheap but the total price is justified when we consider its general sound quality and competitive in the industry. The stronger unit in the system is the iUSB3.0 that significantly improves the sound. Surely, the other units are also good, but iUSB3.0 takes the lead……All in all the whole system sounds slightly warm, natural, dynamic and very satisfying.”
Thanks Ates Berberoglu, headphone Guru and Dukkan HiFi, iFi:Turkey!

The Best Bass Headphones are…of Youtube reviews the iPurifier 2!
Here is a comment from the video: “if you’ve reached a point of buying headphones and not seeing an improvement and you’re thinking of a way to improve your enjoyment level, then this is one of the ways”

Thanks TBBH!

​iCan SE, iPurifier 2, iDAC2: Evolved into the second generation!
“First the iDAC2 connected PC and the USB, I tried to play the high-resolution files in combination with pre-main amplifier and two-way speaker. “Akiko Yano + Tinpan Wichita Linemanin”, make me obediently comfortably hear the sound rounded of this song. Bass drum is higher sense of resolution Shi sink moderately and thud, vocals are finely depicted until smooth and breathing……”

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Thank you Stereosound and Ito RyuTsuyoshi!

​iPurifier 2: The in-betweeners. USB audio transmission.
The following article is written by John H. Darko of regarding why USB audio quality varies. Here are a few extracts from the piece.

“Having already tested and written about the Schiit Wyrd, the AudioQuest JitterBug, the UpTone Regen and the Wyred4Sound Recovery, extensive real world experience tells me that USB signal cleaning devices like these can make a noticeable difference to sound quality.”

“the iFi iPurifier 2 connects directly to the DAC’s USB port and cleans up the USB signal after it has left the host device’s USB port and journeyed down the USB cable…..the iFi requires no intervening cable or dongle to make the DAC connection; it plugs directly into the port…..The iPurifier 2 is also an active (powered) device yet there is no external power brick feeding it. Instead, it gets it go juice from the host device (computer/streamer) – in our case the Sonicorbiter SE. The iFi dongle brings greater tonal and micro-dynamic avidity to the Sonore table.”

Thank you John H. Darko and Digital Audio review!

​Knorris908 of Head-fi reviews the iPurifier 2!
– Easy to use (Just plug it into your USB audio chain directly before your DAC). It “Just Works”! Nothing to tweak…

“For me, the iPurifier 2 represents if nothing else, the single SIMPLEST way to enhance all of your audio collection in one fell swoop……But there is simply no other addition to your audio chain that you can simply “plug-in”, and not even have to power it on, that will have as much impact on your audio as the iPurifier 2 that I have ever heard of.”

Thank you Ken!

​Music Plant in Japan reviews the iPurifier 2!
“Well, it is a good product reviews for this year. This impression was blessed with abundant items and some of the time…….Say without fear of misunderstanding, or rather lowered the noise floor of the microphone, what impression that “noisy and felt the sound of” is eliminated when using the cheap condenser microphone. I think to be a great advantage for those who are dealing with acoustic ones, including voice.”

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Thanks Takumi Otani, Music Plant and Top Wing Corporation (iFi:Japan)

iPurifier receives 5 stars from Roamling of Head-fi & the iClub!
“I primarily tested the iPurifier2 with the headphones mentioned above but also on my main system. In whatever setting I used the iPurifer 2 there was a sense of music starting the flow more natural and it sounded more “analog” to me. The digital strain sometimes associated with digital music was less so…….During the review I purchased the new ifi iDAC2. The combination of the iDAC2 with the iPurifier2 is a match made in heaven…….The iPurifier2 is one of these products that you put into your system and then forget about them until you take it away and then realize you cant live without it anymore. It does what it says on the tin, the USB signal is improved by providing a cleaner USB signal with much less digital artifacts and noise. If you enjoy the musical flow and naturalness of analog sound you will enjoy the iPurifier2. Highly recommended.”

Pros: Does improve the sound by providing a clean USB signal. Improves soundstage and instrument separation. Great match for ifi iDAC2

Thanks Roamling!

CAUTION! USB GREMLINS WERE HARMED! Darku reviews the iUSB3.0 Micro and iPurifier 2!
iUSB3.0 Micro: “Since when I have gone to 100% digital I liked the idea of using an USB DAC, storing all loss-less music on an internal/external big capacity HDD and using a PC for controlling my playlist. Unfortunately on some DACs when touching the mouse or when printer was powering one or in general when many USB devices were connected I would hear some pops, cracks and/or distortions, the focusing became blurry and music itself started to fall apart, losing on precision and critical timing……When I connected iUSB3.0 the sound caught a slightly better focus, the base felt cleaner and on top there were more sparkle……Using iDAC2 directly from PC sounds very good, but this iUSB3.0 lifted its performance on another level, as if I listen to a higher performance DAC……iUSB3.0 is impressive from many point of views, besides the fact that it improves the USB DACs performance, and external HDD can be connected to it as well, the benefits doesn’t stop here and possibly other USB devices with benefit more or less from using an iUSB3.0”

iPurifier 2: “In addition to iUSB3.0, iFi developed something similar but much smaller and more affordable, that is called iPurifier2. Basically it does almost the same thing: cleans the USB signal from all unwanted gremlins, it takes access time back to normal, it reduces jitter and regenerates USB signal……At the end I’ve used Hegel HD25 on which differences were felt almost instantly……One thing I enjoyed very much on iPurifier2 is that any problem you might have with USB connection, some buzzing noise, cracklings or if just your USB DAC looses connection very often when connected to your PC/Laptop then iPurifier2 will solve all those problems.”

Verdict: “Both devices are impressive, through their construction, development and through their principle of operation behind both devices……Thus I consider iPurifier2 a real bargain from iFi if you are not interesting investing to a higher performance DAC. iUSB3.0 becomes an ultimate device if draining the last drop of performance from your DAC is your wish.”

Thank you Darku!

iPurifier 2 given an Editors Choice award from!
“As usual we have inserted the iPurifier2 between our USB reference cable the Silver-One by Portento Audio and our DAC – the Tobby by Firestone Audio. We burned-in for at least 48 hours before doing any critical listening……The music selection was based largely on high-resolution recordings of both rock music and electronic pop jazz characterized by a good dynamic range……We immediately noticed, to say the least, a more general focus on the sound message thanks to the better performance of the frequencies and the transients accuracy. In electronic music tunes, where the kickdrum and bass are predominant, the percussion instruments are noted for having greater incisiveness and depth of low frequencies as if the drivers of our headphones were shaken up in a clearer and stronger way……For this reason, the iPurifier2 is an essential accessory for digital audio via USB…… It may therefore be difficult to think that what it appears to be and I emphasize “appears to be”, looks like that only a small passive filter can really make a difference…..Well done iFi Audio!!!

1. The sound quality is really excellent
2. The bang for the buck of the unit is high compared to the price
3. The measures show very interesting values
4. Build quality and aesthetics of the device are excellent
5. Versatility is very wide range in the world of USB audio devices”
Grazie Francesco and!

Nick of recommends the iPurifier 2!
“I have a lot of respect for the iFi products, based on my previous reviews, so when I was offered the chance to test out some of their more recent offerings, I jumped at the chance. The first of those products is the iPurifier2, an accessory to enhance the digital signal and power supply coming from a computer to a USB DAC or converter……My first impressions of the iPurifier2 were favourable. Like all iFi offerings, it comes nicely packaged, both in terms of aesthetics, and protection, as you can see from the pictures. Sliding the inner carton from the sleeve, I found the iPurifier2, a USB adapter, and the warranty card…..It seems amazing that the iPurifier2 can do all what it does in such a tiny piece of equipment!……I am fortunate to have not one, but four systems in which I could test the iPurifier2……The overall impression is one of more clarity, despite my systems producing more than acceptable clarity without the iPurifier2. But it is easy to detect, from the top end to the bass, everything sounds better defined, and more focussed. The better focus is particularly noticeable with instruments like cymbals. In fact, on one track that I listened to, I realised that a tiny sound that I had always heard before, but not really thought about, was clearly finger cymbals. Guitar strings, that I thought already sounded ‘clean’ were even more so, and bass lines were also better defined……In short, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the iFi iPurifier2 to anybody using a USB DAC or converter to supply the music signal to their hi-fi system.”

Thank you Nick Whetstone and TNT-Audio!

Gon Kawano of trials the iPurifier 2!
“As a result, was found is “iPurifier2” is that there is an effect as the difference in sound quality is clear even in comparison listen with eyes closed for most of the DAC……The top of the body has an LED for blue and green, it can be monitored whether the signal and current is supplied. Work of “iPurifier2” is, first, active noise cancellation, which was applied a military radar technology……Listening to Teshima Aoi “I Love Cinemas -Premium Edition- / Calling You” (96kHz / 24bit) is connected to the reference DAC of Resonessence Labs “INVICTA MIRUS”, to improve the S / N sense from the intro, vocal transparency can be seen that increased. By noise floor is lowered, out nuances of vocals, also better sound localization”

Thank you Gon Kawano!
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iFi Audio Micro iDAC2 + iPurifier2 (Natural combo for all)
Reviewer Oscar Stewart get his hands on the latest iFi products…..
“The iDAC2 is easy to set up, just download the driver from the iFi website, plug in the iDAC2 and install. You can also download a tool to update the firmware, and iFi are brilliant, there are different firmwares for people using the iDAC2 in different systems. I am running the Vanilla firmware as I have no specific requirements for the iDAC2….. Well most DAC’s nowadays strive for neutrality and clarity, the original iDAC was a great piece of kit, it was incredibly detailed and very crisp. But the iDAC2 is more pleasurable to listen to due to its more natural sound…..The iPurifier2 is a great little device too, it reduces a tiny bit of harshness, and in doing so does increase listening pleasure. A great little combo, which sounds great and has a few nifty features, excellent for at home and also on the go usage.
Sound Perfection Rating: 10/10 (for the price, I cannot find any negatives)”
Thanks Oscar!

iPurifier2: Head-fi user, Turrican2, says: “sorry wallet”!
Pros: Easy to use and cleans up the audio signal nicely
Cons: Makes me want to buy the iUSB Power
“I then added the iPurifier to the chain. Again, I listened to the first few tracks. At first I didn’t really notice too much of a difference, until I got to the second track, Dreams. The splash cymbal at the beginning caught me by surprise a little, it seemed more sustained and cleaner than I remembered. I looped this part of the track a few times, removed the iPurifier and repeated. Sure enough, I can tell the difference pretty easily. After a few hours of listening with the ipurifier attached, I’ve decided it’s staying put in this setup. To my ears it makes a good difference to the general soundstage (width especially) and overall clarity of the sound. I like it! Makes me wonder about adding the iFi iUSB Power to the mix if this little thing can make a decent improvement, who knows what that will do……sorry wallet.”

“grabs the hammer to kill your piggy bank”
“The iPurifier2 similar to the ‘old’ iPurifier, but does considerably more than its predecessor…..For starters took, both Harmen Fraanje as Bob Dylan, the spatial representation considerably in size. The image became especially forward and in width, a lot bigger. Tone colors were intense and the dynamics increased. ”

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Thanks Kees Jan Lankhaar!

iPurifier2: “I could not believe it. The difference was immense”
“The iPurifier2 lies before me in the USB-B version and is compatible with USB 2 and USB 3…..REbalance®, the ability to correct a DC voltage zero crossing error, we know from the predecessor.REclock® and REgenerate® designate the jitter-eliminating process of signal processing. That the exemption from jitter improves the sound, is known. Active Noise Cancellation® serves to suppress the electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. This is done by means of an active circuit made of radar-military technology….The hearing test I started with three songs in PCM in high resolution over the Audirvana plus player from my Mac Mini: namely Supertramps “School,” Getz / Gilberto “Girl From Ipanema” and Krall’s “All Or Nothing At All”. At the very first title, “School”, I could not believe it. The difference was immense, to such an extent as I was not expecting it. Without the iPurifier2 it sounded punchy and bold with great spatial depth. With his presentation gained considerable spatial arrangement and clarity. The striking-scale, superficially punchy sound was lost in favor of a great presence of the band. Instruments and vocals were isolated, less intertwined and seemed grippy…..For those who do not like to invest in expensive cable USB, the iPurifier2 may be the golden path.”
Dankeschön Wolfgang Kemper and WOD Audio (iFi:Germany)!
iPurifier2-A Accessories
• micro USB cable
• Warranty Card
• User Manual
• STS Card

iPurifier2-B Accessories
• USB A Female > B Female Adapter
• Warranty Card
• User Manual
• STS Card