Accessory – iDefender3.0

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Cutting noisy power
in the correct way

Latest and future-proof

USB is bi-directional

iPower (5V)
Silent to 1uV

The iDefender3.0® protects against the common problems of ground loop noise and noisy USB power:
  1. Breaks noisy ground-loops. Significantly reduces system noise floor and makes for better dynamic contrast, warmth and resolution
2. Disconnects the USB Power from the PC and replaces it with a clean external power (optional iPower* 5V for ultra low noise)
3. USB3.0 port technology – most advanced and highest USB specification

To be used directly at the Source such as the PC usb port, it breaks ground loops and cuts the noisy USB power line. From computer audiophiles, musicians, home studio artists to pro audio customers, it improves audio playback quality at home and on-the-go.

For DACs that require USB power, to obtain the best sonic performance, the iPower 5V is recommended to supply the iDefender3.0®.

  Break the noisy USB power, but in the correct way
power_ There are more than a few products that break the USB power connection, but of the ones known to us, they do very little because the noisy ground connection remains.

For DACs that do not use USB power (except for handshake) the iDefender3.0® breaks the ground connection eliminating earth loops, while allowing normal handshake operation to continue. So in terms of cutting out the noise, it does it in the most comprehensive way possible while at the same time, in an electrically correct way.

  Need clean power? Inject iPower ‘quieter than battery’ technology
ipowe-ride As the iDefender3.0® breaks the noisy power supply, this is for DACs with an internally-powered USB line.

But for DACs that require use USB Power, a separate ‘micro port’ power connection is provided for a 5V DC supply. Any 5v power supply can be used. Though we recommend the almost silent 1uV noise floor of the iPower®. It is a new-breed of near silent DC-power supply; low power consumption and low-noise.

With 12-Element Array on the output and 6-Element Array technology on the input, there is next to no noise ‘supplied’ to downstream devices and ‘leaked’ back out to nearby components.

  USB3.0 technology, at the cutting-edge
idefender_usb It is now a hallmark of all the latest iFi signal and power products to be USB3.0 standard. First USB3.0 is backwards compatible with USB2.0. Second, in terms of the specifications, USB3.0 is superior to USB2.0 e.g. the wire gauge specification is more exhaustive and the connections are better.
Super-Speed USB3.0 (and USB2.0 backwards compatible)
Connec­­tors: USB3.0 gold-plated connectors
Dimensions: 48 (l) x 18 (w) x 8 mm (h)
Weight: 6.5g (0.23oz)
Warranty period: 12 months

User Manual
iDSD Nano LE, iDefender 3.0 & iPower 5v all put to the test!

“I wonder what will come of all this. Very interesting…….we are going to test it in the way that so far no one has tested it……..I listened to this immediately after the release, immediately after the first IFI Audio products in Poland. ”

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Thanks Antoni Wozniak, and iFi:Poland (Camax),aktualnosci,pocket-rocket-testujemy-ifi-nano-le.html

iDefender3.0 – Does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I had a ground loop issue over USB. My options were to remove the ground on my amp (which is unsafe) or to get a USB ground isolator. This worked! Plus, it came SUPER fast directly from the manufacturer with a nice little note, too.

Thank you denti alligtor for your review.

iDefender USB 3.0 is reviewed on Stereoikolorowo.

“The iDefender 3.0 task is to eliminate loop-related perturbations and interruptions on the USB bus rails…It amplifies the sound, clarify and distil it like an advanced turbid filter, deepen and tone the tones, bring total peace and harmony.”

Thank you Stereoikolorowo and Camax (iFi:Poland) for your awesome review.

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John H. Darko gets the gist of the new accessory releases whilst at RMAF 2016!


iEMatch: “The first is for headphone listeners. The iEMatch is an inline attenuator that reduces headroom and re-introduces the listener to the potential for a wider dynamic range”

iDefender 3.0: “a single purpose device that will stop ground loops in their tracks in the most obvious way possible: pulling the plug on USB power itself. Data will still pass freely.”

iSilencer 3.0: “ an accessory designed to cauterise electrically noisy USB feeds”

Thank you for your write up John H. Darko!

iDefenfer3.0 main accessories
• USB Rubber plug
• Desiccant
• user manual
• Warranty Card
• STS Card