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The iFi Gemini Dual-Headed USB cable will rule them all. Audio and power cables are not laid side by side yet in the USB configuration because of its origins, transmits this way. The iFi Gemini carries Audio + Power in two separate cables. Critically, the special geometry adheres to the 90 ohm impedance specification better than even the USB 2.0 standard. Resistance is 4x lower than textbook. The FINAL USB machined connectors provide impeccable shielding from end-to-end. The atypicalrf3silencer design spans the whole of the frequency range to totally banish all noise.

With this unorthodox array of features, the Gemini Dual-Headed USB cable sonically, eclipses them all.

A simple, yet effective illustration is the graph below. The Gemini cable adheres to the 90ohm specification of the USB transmission protocol exhibiting just a 1% deviation from the 90ohm impedance end-to-end (ie. connector + cable together).

Other expensive audiophile cables by comparison, vary as much as 15% (or 78ohm-103ohm!) This one key parameter is often overlooked yet is essential to maximise the quality of the signal transfer.

The Gemini D-H USB cable. This Twin is not identical.



There are dual-headed designs and there is the Gemini Dual-Headed design. The following picture clearly illustrates audio and power in two separate cables. Upon closer examination, power is heavier gauge and audio has more cores. Further, signal and ground have their own respective geometry to conduct optimally. This is the Gemini difference.



The signal runs through the cable and connector. Therefore, the connector must be as exceptional as the cable. Most USB Cables use moulded plastic covered connections. Plastic cannot shield the high frequencies present in the USB Data link, so noise will radiate out. Durability is also compromised. The FINAL USB connectors provides impeccable end-to-end RF shielding, being machined entirely from solid aluminium. Gold-plated connections make for years of steadfast service.

iFi’s proprietary machine connector looks and feels like it was hewn from a solid block of aluminium. This is not far from the truth. This is the iFi standard.


Addressing RF issues is usually non-existent in USB cables. Even those with filters fitted, they are off the shelf and as such, work only over too narrow a range. Also, too few are fitted and common RFI filtering is placed at the ends of the cables, leaving the whole length of the cable to act as effective antennae.

The Gemini cable is fitted with three custom-made metal oxide ceramic RF noise silencers. Each with different effective ranges; thus they greatly broaden the range over which RF noise is silenced. Further the middle silencer is design to be adjustable (moved along the whole length), to “detune” the antennae formed by the cable, depending on the conditions and requirements in the system. The other 2 silencers which are not affixed, should be kept as close to each respective end as possible.


To reach the absolute zenith in USB audio quality, we recommend the Gemini cable (for separate audio and power transmission) AND the iUSB Power (to supply pure, clean power). This combination is unique to iFi because no one drills down to the fundamentals like we do. The use of the Gemini cable + iUSB Power is simply unparalleled when it comes to attaining the quietest and smoothest music playback from computer audio. There is just no competition, period.

For further reading on the Gemini Dual-Headed cable’s technical aspects:


Compatible with High-Speed USB 2.0 (24Bit/192kHz and higher supported)
Conductor Heavy OHFC continuous cast copper
Insulation: Polyethylene
Shielding: Dual-shields
Impedance 90ohms
Connectors iFi ‘FINAL’ USB connectors
Lengths/Weights: 0.7m/330g (0.727 lbs)
1.5m/400g (0.882 lbs)
Warranty period: 12 months

User Manual

Gemini USB cable is reviewed by HiFi Knights.

“Gemini product is different, though based on a quite known concept, namely two almost completely separated data and power cables. This product is finished with one USB type B plug at one end and two type A connectors of the same breed at the other.”

Thank you HiFi Knights for your review.

The Gemini and Mercury USB Cable as reviewed by Ates Berberoglu on Headphone.Guru.

“The Gemini is a dual-headed USB and black-sleeved cable. It can be utilised along with Micro iUSB units to send signals to external DACS….The Mercury USB Cable is the Gemini’s little brother that has a single USB cable. It is made from high quality copper and there is an advanced shielding tech inside….it is easier to use due to more flexible build.”

Thank you Ates Berberoglu for your review.

Mr. Hakan Cezayirli’s Stereo Mecmuasi reviewed iDAC2 + nano iUSB 3.0 and gemini cable!


Gemini USB Cable: “if you have the budget and want to get full benefit Gemini recommended”

Thank you Hakan Cezayirli and Dukkan HiFi (iFi:Turkey)!

Cotnijoe of Head-Fi reviews the entire iFi rack setup! Super review!

download (2)

The entire iFi rack setup consists of: iCAN SE, iTUBE, iDAC2, iUSB3.0, Gemini, and iRack

iRack: “The iRack is certainly a good home for the iFi components. Well, it was kind of designed for that. Each component of the Micro series is just slightly longer than the iRack, allowing for the front and back plates of the chassis to lock into place nicely on the rack, preventing it from slipping”

Gemini USB cable: “The basic principle of the Gemini cable and iFi’s iUSB3.0 is to separate the audio signal from the power source”

Micros: “Breaking it down, I think the iDAC2 and iCAN SE are strong performers with good value. These are products I can recommend with relative ease. At 650 for the combo, you get solid performance with some versatility in a small package. The iDAC2, especially, is a good DAC at the 350 price point, and the included headphone amplifier is just icing on the cake. The iUSB3.0 and iTUBE, on the other hand, are more sort of luxury add-on products. In comparison to the iDAC2 and iCAN SE, they don’t bring nearly as much bang-for-your-buck to the stack – especially when you realize the iUSB3.0 and iTUBE together constitutes over half of the cost of the iStack. However, they can do some good things to your sound, and I think pairing them with some reference level products will create very positive changes for a relatively affordable price.”

Thank you Cotnijoe of Head-Fi!

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Hakancez Stereo Mecmuasi Reviews iFi iUSB 3.0, Gemini Cable and iPurifier


“Final words
iPurifier: it doesn’t matter what DAC you have ipurifier does the job……inexpensive but very reasonable and effective upgrade
Gemini: very high quality USB cable, you can hear the enormous differences right away. I know it is hard to believe usb cable can make a huge difference but believe me Gemini has that power…..if it is pricey for you you should try the mercury cable.
iUSB3.0: tested with 3 different DAC’s ( iFi Nano DSD, Goldnote DAC7 ve Matrix X-Sabre ) and heard the same effect on all. To be honest iFi Nano was the cheapest one but with the iUSB 3.0 it became a totally different unit. This unit might be pricey for entry level DAC users but if you are looking for best USB solution this it it.”

Thanks Hakancez and!

Gemini, Dual USB cable: Quality transmission!


“Specially designed for audio unique dual USB-cable Gemini Dual-Headed USB. It marks iFi approach to the transfer of high-quality USB audio and power. Many USB-cable combine and transmit power and data, which becomes the cause of generating crosstalk therebetween. The key to the solution, of course, is the construction of “coupled connection” to separate the signal circuit with accompanying ground from the power line, as well as shielding the signal and supply conductors from each other. All this means that the cable Gemini Dual-Headed USB objectively creates a much better quality for the transmission of data and power via USB.”

Thanks and Qvinta audio (iFi:Russia)

Translated with Google


Bravo iFi! Petr of Svetaudia reviews the iDSD Micro, Gemini, iPurifier and iUSBPower!

“IFI iDSD Micro is one of the best equipped D / A converters, as regards support audio formats. Add to that the battery power, headphone amplifier, and suddenly we have a very interesting product for those seeking excellent cost to performance….Price performance ratio is excellent and IFI Micro iDSD becomes my references in the price range to 15,000…All three products from the portfolio of IFI deserve in their categories utmost attention. When you combine all three products together, to 25 000 CZK get enough quality reproductive system to play music on your PC or Mac that to subdue you have to dig into your pocket probably much deeper….IFI Bravo!”

Thanks Petr Štefek of and!


As Dung of PCWorldVN reviews iFi!

“Now, people can listen to the sound of his “circle from the heart”, pure from the input device to device and wire FIs iUSB Power Gemini FIs with an investment budget is not too high…when adding the first move i-purifier, music became smoother. When using additional wireless USB Cable Gemini, more music more smooth, round berry guitar sound better…And finally configured with transit from your computer to the amplifier includes a USB cable, electromagnetic interference filters i-purifier, and wireless devices iUSB Gemini Power USB Cable, heard the sound becomes completely natural, scrumptious.

Thank you As Dung!



The iFi Audio Gemini USB Cable – One Cable to Rule Them All?

13 March 2014, “When you do open the box you will find a beautifully packed cable, nestled within a black velvet bag and the connector ends protected with both end caps and the metal parts wrapped in bubble wrap. This was certainly a good start and hopefully augured a good sonic experience with the cable….Doing the comparison again with the Wireworld Starlight the Gemini was now in every aspect the superior conduit for all the music I listened to. The iFi cable was more open, more detailed in all areas with a wider deeper soundstage and better bass extension, nuance and phrasing, and all of this achieved without any spotlighting.”
Thank you Neil K, editor of Adventures in HiFi Audio!



Grazie for Great Gemini review in Italia!

24 February 2014, “The construction of the Gemini is really spectacular especially as regards the connectors.” And “The IFI Gemini proved to be a great usb cable. With this you can easily provide power supply usb dac better than the PC by simply using a wall power adapter or an external battery usb. Good result with usb dac fitted with receivers that benefit the absence of the power passing through the cable. Really excellent construction, both for the beautiful connectors for the cable sheath.”
We would like to thank Matteo Turotti of Stereo-Head (Italy) for a really thorough study and sonic review of the Gemini cable!



Le Gemini Dual-Headed cable c’est tres bien!

14 December 2013, “To evaluate it, I compared it with a regular cable within the same price range from Wireworld (“Red” Starlight) and Supra USB. Wireworld starlight cables are a bit projecting medium, but tend to be neutral on high frequencies, even if they do not extend to infinite. Supra gets more linear, but do not extend as far as Wireworld in frequencies, they are also having a very nice medium tones and provides with rich harmonies in this area. The Gemini cable performed better than the others. The Gemini demonstrated a more linear bandwidth with no projection sensation. Tonal output was in respect with the source characteristics (e.g. application on computer). Instruments neither appear too rich in color, neither lacking of body.”



Size doesn’t matter…not when it comes to iFi

13 December 2013, Reviewer Max Delissen penned an extremely complimentary and thorough review of the iFi micro range from the iUSB Power right through to the iPHONO.
“The Micro series and the associated cables iFi has a wonderful range of highly affordable and (sometimes very far) above their price-performance products put down…iFi is beautifully designed audio bonbons, audiophile delicious candy that can be consumed. unabashed in quantities And that’s a good thing, because it is just as addictive as ‘real’ candy …” Thank you Max!



TNT-Audio Really Warms to the iTUBE (and Gemni!)

25 October 2013, “For me, the iTube ‘does what it says on the tin’. The valve stage adds enjoyment to the listening experience, the music is simply more natural and relaxing to listen to. The 3D feature is something that I found myself leaving switched in because I liked the sound stage, and particularly the fuller bottom end, and more realism that it provided. The versatility is also welcome if like me you get to use a wide range of amplification and speakers, or you simply want to use the iTube in different systems. It worked faultlessly all through a very long auditioning process, and despite its long list of features, was easy to set up and use, although it is one item where you should certainly read the instructions. I’m sure that there will be some purists scoffing at the idea of (and claims for) the Digital Antidote Plus® and the 3D HolographicSound® but the fact is they do work, and in my opinion improve the listening experience, the latter more so.”
“I should just add that while using the Gemini, in conjunction with the Paul Hynes SR3-05 power supply, the iFi iDAC and iTube, and the Caterthun 8 speakers, I heard what I considered to be the best sounding hi-fi that I have heard to date in terms of detail, tone, and clarity. So the Gemini certainly wasn’t letting the side down, and is probably one of those components of a hi-fi system that is more appreciated in a better system.”
Thank you Mr Whetstone!



Noble takes Gemini D-H USB Cable for test run

16 October 2013, Noble blogspot dropped the Gemini Dual-Headed USB cable into his stock computer audio setup. As a result of separating the audio and power, Noble noted improved subtleties, ‘Cutting to the chase – I felt that the Gemini did indeed give an improvement to the sound. So, there you have it, yet another thing that I’ve been skeptical about previously that Ifi has made me a believer in. I found that the smoothness was improved and detail was generally ‘cleaner’ with the Gemini. Instrument rendition also felt more cohesive (more realistic) and details felt more clear.” Wait till you actually feed it clean power from the iUSB Power! Seriously, thank you Noble blogspot.



iFi Triple review – works like a charm and somewhat sonically similar to the far more expensive…

24 September 2013, HiFi Music of Israel reviewed the iFi triumvirate and said, “This may sound a little wishful thinking, but with the iUSB Power and Gemini cable – the iDAC reminded me more than any other product I know of the series – 777 of AMR reviewed here previously. CD and amplifier.” High praise indeed. Thank you very much Mr Golan and Ofer at Audio Maestro (iFi: Israel)!



StereoSound’s Fu-san ADDS the iUSB power and Gemini D-H USB Cable to his reference system

21 August 2013, Fu-san is one of the most well-respected writers for the venerable Stereo Sound audio magazine (Japan). Fu-san’s system now includes the iFi iUSB Power+Gemini D-H cable! Brief write-up here: iFi in StereoSound?…watch this space and as always, yoroshiku Ryo-san!



Music Emotion says ‘Less is More, with 6 iFi components!’

12 August 2013, Music Emotion, one of the most esteemed audio magazines in the Netherlands had this to say about the full ifi system, “Well, how do you summarise such a test of six different but each still as strong the other in an appropriate manner? In any case, by saying that the iFi Micro series without exception is beautifully built and each is a great sounding device for very interesting prices and even as your system changes over time.” Many thanks to Music Emotion and Daluso (ifi: Netherlands).



iLINK, iUSB Power and Gemini makes Yoshidaen very happy

3 August 2013, With thanks to Ryo-san (iFi Japan) and Google translate: “I listen DD converter in the UK iFi-Audio, USB regulator, a USB cable. It was well done, but any, iUSB Power is particularly recommended. Used for the purpose of connecting between the DA converter and the PC, to block noise from the PC. The effect is high, improvement of S / N ratio, expansion of the range, quality improvement, such as a fundamental amount of information raise is possible.



Harada’s Famous ‘Recording Room’ favours iUSBPower and Gemini !

30 July 2013, We would like to thank Harada-san for ‘trying’ and ‘liking’ the iUSB Power and Gemini D-H USB cable and subsequently adding them to his reference recording equipment. Harada-san is one of the most famous recording engineers in Japan and beyond. Having done work for labels such as EMI/Toshiba, CBS/Sony, OnAir, and Victor. Recorded albums included Al Jarreau and Herbie Hancock! We are seriously bowled over. Thanks to Ryo-san and iFi: Japan for arranging this.



e-earphone goes ga ga over Gemini iUSB Power

9 July 2013, With a system of: MacBookPro ⇒ FURUTECH GT2 ⇒ iFi-Micro iUSB POWER ⇒ iFi-Audio GEMINI ⇒ RATOC RAL-24192UT1 ⇒ PS AUDIO NuWAVE DAC ⇒ Marantz PM8004 thanks to e-earphone and google translate: “The wonder really good at this? (^ ^; . listening to sound while considered . You hear a reduced white noise at once and the unpleasant noise is lost surprisingly. I feel resolution is improved with less noise. With the NuWAVE DAC is a DAC wide sound field very, I felt localization became better. When I heard with the speakers in particular, localization is firmly in the center. I felt the sound was smooth With that said,. was I introduced the USB cable + isolator that you want to use a set”
We have no idea what iFi has with jet planes at Narita!


Gemini Accessories
• iFi bag
• Warranty Card
• User Manual
• STS Card