iFi USB Audio Class 2.0 Driver Installation & Download


Apple MAC OSX and Linux support USB audio class 2 natively, hence no driver is needed.


Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 Driver Installation Process:

Please manually uninstall all previous XMOS related drivers (XMOS, AMR, iFi or from other vendors) and reboot the computer before installing this latest driver. Depending on the computer hardware, you may have to reinstall the driver again if the USB port to which the iFi USB Audio device is attached is changed.

1) Download the driver file.

Download: iFi_(by_AMR)_HD_USB_Audio_Driver_V2.19.0.exe
In some instances it may be necessary to disable the anti virus software to install this driver.

2) Run the “iFi_(by_AMR)_HD_USB_Audio_Driver_V2.19.0.exe” file you downloaded.

3) Follow the on screen instructions and ensure the iFi equipment is plugged in.

1) To use the newly installed driver, under “Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound”, select “iFi (by AMR) HD + USB Audio”.

2) For software players that support ASIO and/or WASAPI interfaces, we recommend using those interfaces for the best sound. Please refer to each individual player’s instructions for details.

Updates over V2.15

* New: Control panel application included.
* New: Windows 8.1 supported.
* New: Automatic uninstall of earlier version from 2.0 upwards.
* Fix: Stream format switching not working for DSD formats.
* Fix: 32 bit PCM through WASAPI was not working.